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Hang'In Azores


Hang'In Azores is an annual Handpan music festival, set on the beautifully idyllic Portuguese archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is for anyone who is passionate about nature: sun, sea, sand, volcanoes, caves, lakes; good food and drink; great company and the Hang/handpan/sound-sculpture.


People from all around the world come to this unique festival to watch amazing performances by some of the world's best players, attend various workshops from yoga, massage, sound baths and master-classes etc.  Attendees play handpans and other world instruments, create wonderful music, share information, learn new techniques, enjoy their time together and forge new life-long friendships...


Hang In Azores has created in 2013, 13-14-15 September in Pico Island by Decio Leal and Maria Margarita. At the same time was born "Quinta Do Mundo". This association organizes handpan event in Belgium ( "Hang In Gouvy" and "Hang To Be"),  in France  ("Mountain Pan's" Handpan Family Holliday) and the Azores.

Since Hang'In Azores' inception in 2013, many people from around the world have been part of this project and it has grown organically like an extended family.


In 2015, the event Hang In Azores was organized by the Association Quinta Do Mundo" in partnership with the Azorean Association "Associação Escravos da Cadeinha".

It was a huge success thanks to all the people involved, culminating in a beautiful and magical experience for all.


For the 5 the year running, Maria Margarita and Antonio Monteiro have decided to continue this adventure together in 2017 and organize the 4th Edition at Lugar dos Anjos, Vila Do Porto on Santa Maria Island, Açores, Portugal.


We would like to make this soul meeting even better. We look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces to participate and make this the best one yet!











About the 3 days

 Camping Open 1 September  to 8 September 2020  *


"Hang In Azores" is starting on Friday 4 September  - Open doors 17h

During the weekend various performances,  workshops, jam session...


On each night we’re planning on having a big bonfire where we’ would like to encourage people to play music and enjoy the open space. (weather depending of course)


 We will have 2 performances nights, in the Hang In Azores place (Association Stage )and after each concert, the Jam session it's open to all Handpan Musician.


All People are welcome to camp the Sunday night as the weekend isn't quite over yet, a musical fun is in order to end the weekend of Hang'In Azores...



Antonio Monteiro

President of the

"Associação Escravos Da Cadeinha"

Maria Margarita

Event Coordinator &

Show Director

" Quinta Do Mundo Organization"

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